Humans are unlike other animals. All animals evolve genetically based on external stimuli in order to best exist in their environment. Non-human animals may be capable of learning to adapt and may even display certain emotions, but they act mostly on instinct. Humans, however, possess knowledge, a knowledge which expands through time based on new knowledge acquired by previous generations. Over time, we have learned to make tools to build things, and then, through technological advances, better tools to build better things. Humans also possess culture. Culture is fluid, changing over time as we gain new knowledge and as our interests change because we learn new things, or due to ennui.

Other animals may abandon a home, but it’s always for environmental reasons. When they do, there is little evidence that they were ever there. Humans abandon not only homes and places, but also ideas, technologies, and cultural norms, and when we abandon these things, we often leave remnants. Leavings are these remnants.


cyanotype, pigment ink, gum arabic
6×6 inches

kodak brownie hawkeye (reversed lens)