Rock is the oldest substance on earth and one of the earliest building materials. It can be found protruding from the soil or cast about on the ground as large stones, seemingly as a supernatural being’s random toss of the dice. These are passengers of glacial activity and spectators of passing millennia. Humans sometimes gather up these stones and make constructions from them. We loosely stack them a few deep and several high to form meandering walls, built more of the necessity of clearing the land than of a need to keep something in or out or to create a boundary between one space and another. We cut stones to a geometric shape and bond one to the next to construct more ornate walls, bridges, buildings, and works of art.

The randomness of stones in nature and the deliberateness of stone constructions lead me to ponder philosophical questions of an unknown creator of all that exists and of known creators of the non-existent. Are our beliefs reinforced, are we forced to reconsider them, or are we spinning in circles trying to answer questions that can’t be answered?

hand of god, hand of man

toned cyanotype
8×8 inches