I am an artist whose preferred language is photography. I work primarily with vintage cameras, sometimes modifying them and sometimes not, as well as hand-made pinhole cameras and cheap plastic cameras. I tend to favor historical photographic processes over modern digital mediums, though I do sometimes combine them. My choice of camera and process are project-specific and act together to convey what I have to say.

Though not necessarily immediately apparent, my art explores themes of environment, history, sociology, philosophy, theology, and transition.

As Chris Huestis, I am the founder and director of PhotoSynthesis, a photographic arts center in Connecticut, and co-founder of ART FÜD, a nonprofit organization with the primary goal of organizing art programs and events to provide sustenance to charitable community causes. I graduated art school many years ago, and though I have not been as prolific an artist in terms of output as I would have liked, I intend on addressing that at this point in my life.